How to make money with a mobile game

Are you a mobile game lover, who often plays mobile games that don’t pay? Playing mobile games without earning some money, is a thing of the past. You can still play mobile games for fun and still make money.

However, most people have various concerns about the question of how do mobile games make money. Don’t worry, we’ll help you settle those queries today.


You can indeed make money playing games online through your mobile phone. Players can capitalize on the varieties of real money earning games available.

We did our in-depth research to show you how it works, and answer your various queries on how to make money with mobile games. Regardless of your skill level, or just starting as a gamer, you’ll learn how you can kick it off effortlessly.

Besides, you don’t have to reach a certain skill level for you to start unlocking your rewards and earnings. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate gamer, or an expert, everyone can earn lots of money playing mobile games. The earnings you make playing mobile games depends on your level of passion and hard work.

Most importantly, we’ll also show you the top apps that enable you to play games to earn money.

So, why not read on to answer the query, how do mobile games make money?

Is it possible to make money playing mobile games?

The truth is, you can make money playing mobile games-it’s something this article explores extensively to help you know everything you need. These days, people don’t play mobile games for fun but to also make quick money.

Varieties of websites and apps allow users to register to access various mobile games that offer real money. Also, it’s worth noting that, the registration process is stress-free.

Most of these websites are electronic money transfer enabled, making the transfer of funds convenient. Once you earn money, you can cash out through your PayPal account, or other electronic payment methods.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter the type of smartphone you’re using. Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry uses can all enjoy playing mobile games while making real money.

The process on how to make money with mobile games

Opening an account or registering with a game site or app is the first step to earning money playing mobile games. You have to register with any of the provided sites and apps available in this article. Besides, you have to open an account with the payment method required by the specific site or app. The account will be attached to your mobile gaming site to receive the cash you earn easily.

Usually, you first have to download and install the games’ app and ensure to comply with all the registration requirements. Every game app has its own rules and regulations, which call for strict adherence. It’s therefore important to read all the rules before you continue with the registration process.

The same applies to the different operating systems’ specific download and install guidelines. It’s equally essential to go through them to understand the requirements of installing the game files on your phone’s operating system.

Most game sites or apps allow users to submit their email during the registration process so that you’re registered after confirming your email address. You should ensure to use a real email, probably the one that you use regularly.

Once your account is set, you’ll begin to accumulate points or coins from playing mobile games. These rewards can be converted to cash when they reach a certain threshold. The money can then be paid out to your payment platform like PayPal.

The good thing is no genuine game site or app can ask you to pay money to be legible to join and play. It’s free to join and everyone can earn rewards and money. All the games provided here are free to join, so you can register without any trouble.

How do people get paid to play games online?

The question, how much money do mobile games make, rings in most people’s minds. That aside, are there any requirements needed for you to earn money playing mobile games? Getting started on playing mobile games doesn’t involve spending a lot of money buying expensive game consoles such as Playstation, Nintendo, and Xbox. You can play general games and earn lots of money.

Xbox in particular allows earning gift cards. You only need to have your mobile phone connected to the internet. You have to register to be able to log in to games sites or apps, play mobile games, and start making money. However, to be able to make lots of money, you have to play well to maximize your chances. While anyone can earn money, beginners and those that hate playing games will find it hard to earn a lot of money. You’ll have to learn the ins and outs of mobile gaming, gather some experience, to start making money seamlessly.

So, the more experienced and proficient you are in playing mobile games, the more earnings you can make. Also, if you love playing mobile games, you can increase your chances of making huge cash. It’s always great to have fun playing mobile games and earning money at the same time.

Games websites and apps that pay real money

Anyone can wonder how to make money with mobile games. But how do mobile games make money? Various apps and games sites can enable you to make money while playing them through your phone.

We are going to look through each one of them, and show you everything you need to get started. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about these games sites and apps:

  1. Swagbucks

While Swagbucks is popular for earning money by completing simple tasks such as conducting surveys, you can play mobile games and earn money. Thanks to their partnership through GSN games, you can now play games on your phone and make a lot of money which you can cash out directly to your PayPal account or any other online payment platform.

The more you play Swagbucks games, the more points you accumulate. You can redeem the points, exchange them for gift cards, or get the money paid to your account. You can also use the money to shop on Target, Amazon, and more.

  1. Inbox Dollars

Inboxdollars includes an app through which you can earn money playing mobile games. There are simple steps to follow to start making money through inbox dollars.

First, use the app to search for free games you can play.  Two, the games are free to play, allowing you to practice. Three, you earn huge cashback rewards when you join the games available.

The casino games available allow you to earn 18% cashback on the tokens you buy when playing. Besides, the tournament games will earn you 0.5%-2% cashback on every single dollar spent on joining the tournament.

For those who want quick money, inbox dollars is the games site to use.

  1. Earning Station

Earning Station not only allows you to make money playing games but also pays you for doing various things.

When you play games, the money earned can be cashed out directly to PayPal or any other electronic payment method.

The most amazing thing with earning station is that you can earn $10 in 10 minutes after joining and completing ofeir $10 page overprocess is very fast and straightforward.

  1. Tap Cash Rewards

Tap cash rewards you for downloading and running various games on your phone. It’s one of the best games sites to play mobile games while at home.

First, download and install the app on your smartphone, followed by a download of the latest and top games, and run the downloaded games to earn credits. These credits can be redeemed for gift cards or cash rewards directly sent to your PayPal account.

If you wondering about how much money you can make playing games, it’s possible to make a passive income out of it.

  1. Qriket

Qriket pays you money for playing their mobile games.  You can either get paid for playing games or spinning wheel game.

The wheel provided on this platform comes with blue and yellow colors, which you can choose from to make money.

Spinning the wheel wins you from 5 cents up to $10. Besides, you can win more free spins when you run out of free spins, increasing your chances of winning more money.

One way to get more free spins is by watching the ads running on the site. Once your payout amount reaches $25, you can withdraw via PayPal. Another great opportunity is Qriket’s real-time cash prizes of up to $100. Moreover, you’ll earn more spin codes when you follow and share information about Qriket creators on social media platforms.

  1. CashPirate

You can download CashPirate and install it to play mobile games that pay. Any game you play earns you points. The more you play, the more points you can earn, which can be converted to cash rewards, paid directly to your Pay Pal.

Besides, you can watch ads, download and try using different games, and completing other tasks to make money on CashPirate.

As you play, you’ll earn more coins which can be converted to cash when they reach the required threshold. You require a minimum of 2500 coins or $2.50 to cash out to your PayPal.

It simply means that you’ll receive $1 for every 1000 coins earned. Also, you’ll need a minimum of 5000 coins to cash out $5 in bitcoin.

  1. Space Bitcoins

Space Bitcoins is yet another app that lets you earn money playing mobile games. While playing this game, your main aim is to destroy asteroids. After completion of the mission given,  you can claim your bitcoins which you can transfer to your bitcoin wallet.

Developed by XAPO, the app allows you to claim your bitcoins three times every 30 minutes to multiply your rewards.

  1. Bitcoin Wonder

Bitcoin wonder is another app that lets you play mobile games that pay. After the installation of the game on your device, you’ll start making money by simply spinning the wonder machine.

There are varieties of game modes to choose from such as disco mode, frenzy mode, turbo mode, and more, depending on what you prefer. The game is purely based on luck, and you can double your earnings without using any mode. Users can claim the bitcoins earned from every spin.

If you are only starting on playing mobile games, and need a quick way to earn money, then this app is the best place to begin.

  1. Bitcoin Hunter

Bitcoin Hunter can run on Android. This easy to play game lets you hunt for bitcoins. It involves making critical moves towards the treasure to hunt for bitcoins. It’s no secret, bitcoins are lucrative gold mines that are making lots of money for many people. You can also earn a lot of money if executed the right way.

However, this game includes challenging landmines set to distract you from reaching your goal of hunting for bitcoins.

After making your bitcoins, you can send them to your bitcoin wallet, then convert them to your preferred currency.

  1. PCHgames

This website allows users to play mobile games that pay money. It’s fast and straightforward. The platform provides instant token games and wins games that attract cash earnings of up to $1000.

Playing one game per day for a whole week earns you up to 2500 bonus tokens. You can then exchange the tokens for gift cards, and also daily sweepstakes entries can win you $1000 and other merchandise deals.

  1. CashDazzle

This popular rewards site rewards you money when playing their mobile games. The branded wheel of cash game can earn you tokens and free spins. You can earn tokens and spins by playing free games.

With the tokens, you can play various games that can earn you cash prizes. Spending more time playing mobile games on CashDazzle, boosts your chances of winning more tokens which in turn earn you more cash prizes.

Also, you can play the “Spin the Wheel” game on the website’s main page to win the current jackpot with the overall winner going home with huge cash. CashDazzle pays $1000 in cash prizes to winners every day.

  1. Exodus 3000

This game site and game can make you lots of money. When you play this game, you can accumulate virtual currencies or Mars Dollar, which can be converted to real currency.

There are various ways of accumulating Mars Dollar currencies including mining volcanoes, attacking other gamers, and searching for ruins.

The game’s premise is based on survival which you have to embrace in the future when the earth is destroyed by a catastrophic event. Mars Dollars and minerals from your home base are there to help you survive and sustain you.

You can only cash out a minimum of 300,000 MD which is equivalent to $20. Stretching back to 2006, this site has paid out over $65,000 to members.

  1. BingoZone

BingoZone allows you to play your favorite game for free, and earn money.  Bingo game involves numbered balls drawn randomly, while players have to cover the corresponding numbers on their cards.

It’s free to sign up and play a variety of bingo games. You can play with other different players. The winning prize starts at $1, which keeps increasing until the overall winner is declared.

  1. Second Life

Second life provides you the chance of winning real cash prizes playing the mobile game of developing a fictional business.

With this game, you can set up and run various virtual businesses such as retail stores, selling and renting real, creating educational institutions, amusement parks, and nightclubs.

By so doing, you’ll earn virtual dollars called “Linden Dollars” which can be converted to real money. Besides, you can earn money by selling on behalf of others.

  1. LaLaLoot

This website is free to sign up to play mobile games that pay cash prizes. They have free virtual slot machines, that can earn you cash prizes. Also, playing other casual games can earn you lots of money.

This site allows you to earn tokens through various ways such as playing mobile games, signing up, taking part in surveys, and completing other tasks. For the first 5 days as a new member, you’ll earn tokens that can be converted to real cash.


Are you still having concerns about how much money you can make playing mobile games, or how to make money with mobile games?

Well, don’t waste your time playing games for fun, when you can earn some money on top. In this blog post, we have answered queries like how do mobile games make money, by providing relevant and vital information.

We’re confident that it will help you learn how to make money playing mobile games.

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