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Twitter is a social media like many others, but also a microblogging site. We can describe it best as a place where online personalities mix their public persona with something more personal. Because of this, the platform becomes a place for both a place to do business and a place for personal drama. But in this article, we are not only going to talk about what happens on twitter but at what is going on behind the scenes. Basically, just like how we’ve done it before with other companies, we will take a look at the question “How does Twitter make money?”

We’ll also be discussing some possibilities to make money with twitter.


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About twitter

Twitter was created in March 2006 and launched in July of the same year. The founders were Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Today they’ve grown to over 4600 employees

The service started growing at tremendous speeds and soon gained worldwide popularity. By 2012, the site had over 100 million active users, and about 340 million tweets would be posted every single day. Today, that number has grown to over 320 million active users.

How does twitter work

Just like any other social media, you have your own page. Your page contains your screen name, your profile picture, your posts, and some other information. But there’s something that makes twitter very different from their competitors. Your posts cannot exceed 140 characters or a few sentences. These posts are called “tweets”. After you tweet, they will appear both on your page, the feed of anyone who follows you, and on the feeds of people who follow people who either liked or retweeted your tweet.

While this might seem like a limit to some, it pushes you to be more creative and get your point across in less time and words. This is perfect for the brief attention span of our modern time. In fact, just to post the introduction to this article, we would need to split it up into 5 tweets!

How does twitter make money

Twitter’s primary source of income is advertising. Instead of the usual banner ads you see on other websites, ads on twitter come as promoted tweets! Users and companies pay money to push their tweets towards certain audiences. This means the ads show up in your feed, and unless you notice the little “Promoted” icon you won’t know it’s an ad.

You can also promote your profile for others to see it. 

When did twitter start making money

Twitter announced in April 2010 that advertisements would start showing up on the website. Three years later, after slow and careful testing with specific  

How much money does twitter make

Let’s be fair, Twitter makes a lot of money, and the number seems to be growing for the past couple of years as the platform becomes bigger and bigger. As of 2018, Twitter’s total assets amount to $10.16 billion, $6.8 billion of which is equity. 

In 2019, Twitter received $3.46 billion in revenue. Almost 90% of this revenue came from advertisements. 

Who owns twitter

Twitter is owned by its parent company Odeo, and the current chairman and founder, Jack Dorsey, holds a 4.7% equity stake.

Can I make money with twitter

As a business, Twitter might be the best way for you to connect with your audience. This applies to corporations and content creators as well as small business owners. While this means you won’t be making money from the site directly, it does help you create a more personal connection with your followers and customers, which indirectly leads to a bigger audience and more money.

If you’re a content creator with a big twitter following, you could also get paid to advertise a companies’ product to your followers.


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