How to make money with Reddit as your tool

There are plenty of ways you could make money online, and thousands of resources on how to do it. Today, we’re going to be looking specifically at how to make money on Reddit.

Reddit is a social media platform mainly composed of anonymous accounts and text posts, but you’ll also find videos, pictures and similar content. Reddit also features pretty much any type of content you could think of. There’s anything from video games, to stock trading, to politics and even pornography. There are subreddits around every conceivable topic and interest.


Use Reddit for advertising, a great way to make money with reddit

If you have your own company, Youtube channel, or website, Reddit is a great place to do your advertising. Reddit can supply tons of what I would organic social media traffic. That means people who are actually seeking out the kind of things you are advertising!

There are however a few rules on how to do advertising on Reddit, and the rule of thumb is that no more than 10% of yours posts should count as straight advertising. Redditors (Reddit users) have an active disdain for advertising and marketers, so a better strategy would be to start a discussion about your topic in a relevant subreddit that eventually leads up to an opportunity to share your site or product without it being off-putting.

There is also paid advertising on Reddit, but it’s hard to tell how effective it is with the user-base actively disliking it. There is even an ongoing meme about clicking the dislike button on every ad you see.

Accept jobs in subreddits

There is a ton of freelance jobs posted on Reddit, in all kinds of categories. In other words, If you have a skill, there’s a job for it. You’ll be able to find jobs in many different skill groups like design, coding, writing, proofreading and much more, even helping people with homework.

There’s also jobs in different pay-grades, depending on how big the job is or if you just started out your freelance journey. Some relevant subreddits for example would be r/slavelabour, r/signupsforpay and r/freelancejobs

Create your own subreddit around the topic of your business

Another alternative for advertising on Reddit would be to create your very own subreddit.

Create a subreddit around a topic relevant to your business, and then after growing it for a bit, make your business an official partner of the subreddit! Don’t do this too soon however, and make sure it’s subtle, otherwise it will just be seen as blatant advertising. It’s important to work hard until you start seeing organic growth coming to the subreddit before you start involving your business.

Some good ways to grow your own subreddit would be to actively post in it, and then also be active in similar subreddits. If you keep posting valuable content and adding to the conversation, eventually people will get interested in you and click your profile to find more of your stuff! That is when they will notice that there is another subreddit (yours) around a topic they are interested in!

You can also choose to invite people directly in comments or private messages after discussing the relevant topic for a while.

These are some simple, straightforward ways of making money with Reddit. I hope you found this article and that I will see you in the next one. I hope this post helps you make money with reddit.

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