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If you are a new site owner, you might have realised that you can’t get accepted into Google AdSense immedietaly. You might never even be accepted for AdSense or maybe you were banned because of a mistake you made in the past. That is okay, it is not the end of the world. In fact, you should see it as a lesson and oppurtunity how important it is to diversify. This is no reason to panic because there a plenty of other legitimate ways to make money online. You can find my previous article on making money online with a blog here

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These are in my opinion the Top 5 AdSense alternatives you can find and are not listed in any specific order:

a-ads logo


A-ads (Anonymous ads) is a great ad network with their biggest strength being that they pay in Bitcoin instead of normal FIAT currencies. This transforms your website into a viable long-term investment instead of just a quick cash-grab. This network is so great that i actually still use it even though I’m accepted through AdSense (I use them both, I currently earn more from A-ads)

I’m sure you’ve seen the Cryptoboom on Reddit and the Bitcoin craze riddled on every news network on the planet. You might have wished to get in on the fun but you can’t afford to make such a high-risk investment. Well, here is probably the best alternative to getting in on the fun.

I believe that not just Bitcoin, but the concept of cryptocurrency as a whole will continue to increase in value for many years to come. A-ads is the best thing to have happened to my own “Make money online journey” so far.

Amazon Associates Logo

Amazon Associates

Amazon is by far the biggest online store in the world. They’re also very well-trusted, when you order from Amazon you know the chances of it being a scam is 0.0001%. If you’re niche includes physical products of any kind (For example headphones), chances are high Amazon sells it. With the help of Affiliate links you can advertise these products on your site and get a cut of the profit when someone buys a product using your link. With enough traffic this will earn you much more money than running solely AdSense on your site.

AA either pays out via check or to a local bank account (American bank account for .com, UK for, german for .de etc). However if you want to sell things to an American audience but live in Europe you can bypass this by opening up a Payoneer account which gives you global bank account numbers that redirect to your IBAN (International Bank Account Number). I really recommend using Payoneer, because cashing out a check can come with monstrous fees.

Along with links it is also possible to put up Amazon banners on your site.

PopAds logo


PopAds is a networking serving Popunder ads to their publishers to use at their disposal. With a payout treshold of $5 to Paypal it is easy to use. These kinds of ads can sometimes be considered quite annoying but since they appear below the tab instead of above combined with the offered setting to limit the amount of popunders this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

You can withdraw your money via the Billing menu through Paypal, Payoneer or Wire transfer. If you do end up hitting the treshold daily you can also set it up for automatic daily payments and trust me, hitting those is one of the best feelings in the world.

PopCash logo


With a service very similar to PopAds, Popcash has been around for a very long time. They serve great CPM’s. You can request payments easily from within the dashboard to Paypal, Payza or Paxum. logo

This network / company serves contextual ads on behalf of Bing & Yahoo! And in terms of revenue is the largest ad program on the planet second only to Google. They’re pretty much the Yahoo+Bing version of AdSense. With over 500 employees is an industry leading tech company whose focus is to deliver innovative digital advertising products for both publishers and advertisers. They only take 2 business days to approve your account (vs. the sometimes weeks or even months it can take to get approved by AdSense.) and also give you 10% extra revenue during your first 3 months with them as a welcoming gift. Neat, isn’t it?

I sincerely hope you found what the ad network you were looking for in this Top 5 AdSense Alternatives article. If you enjoyed this article, please consider reading some of my related articles below.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Adsense alternatives

    1. Yes they are, some even easier i’d say! I’ve used all except for, so i can’t tell you much about the code for that one but i can explain the rest!

      Amazon Associates is a script just like Google AdSense. A-ads is an iFrame which is not optimal but pays pretty damn well. PopCash and PopAds come as a script that you put inbetween your head tags.

      AA & A-ads have to be placed at the specific place in the code where you want it to display (if you’re not using an Ad inserter plugin).

      PopCash & PopAds you won’t have to worry about as long as they’re in your head tags, but i do recommend switching them out if you were to change any settings just to be safe.

      Hope this answers your question, and thank you so much for reading and commenting.


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