Top WordPress plugins for new bloggers

In a previous article i talked about making money online through blogging. The easiest way to do it is using the WordPress platform. 18.9% of all websites including my own run on the WordPress platform, and it has hundreds, if not thousand of useful plugins. However, sometimes the sheer amount of resources, services and tools available for you can be quite overwhelming when you just starting out. Therefore i have created a list of top wordpress plugins.

You will find a lot of similar lists on the internet, some containing upwards of as many as 50 plugins. But the truth is that running too many plugins at once can actually slow your site down, something you clearly want to avoid. That is why this is only contains the more standard but well needed ones that should work as your frame.


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yoast seo plugin logo for top wordpress plugins list

Yoast SEO

Figuring out how SEO works is HARD work, but there is no reason for it to get in the way of your creativity while writing. Lucky for you there are great SEO plugins out there. While they do not do the work for you, they show you what needs to be done. This makes SEO in writing pretty easy, and is quite rewarding once the plugin gives you a green light. I highly recommend using Yoast SEO as it is 1. The most popular and 2. The most updated SEO plugin on the market.

Google analytics logo for top wordpress plugins list

Google Analytics

You should already know this plugin is important since after all, Google is in the title. In order to do run a website efficiently, you’ll want to save as much time as possible. A good way to do this is to use plugins to set up a single dashboard with as much information as possible. Google Analytics is quite possibly the best webmaster tool out there to give you information about your audience. This is where they become a demographic, that you can study and find out what they like. Once you’ve done this you can create content more suited to your target audience.

Jetpack plugin logo for top wordpress plugins list

Jetpack By WordPress

Jetpack is a simple, but essential plugin. What it does it that it gives you some good features that you would otherwise only have if you were hosting your website on wordpress directly. However what we are looking at is a Self-hosted WordPress blog.

Loginizer logo for top wordpress plugins list


Loginizer (or something similar) is in my opinion very important to have. Loginizers job is to protect your website’s administrator dashboard from common bruteforceattacks. If you have spent a lot of time building a business online, you don’t want someone to simply (and easily) take it away from you.

TinyPNG logo for top wordpress plugins list

Compress JPEG & PNG images

To get good a good score from Google and other search engines, you often must do more than simply alter your posts to contain your keyboard. It is also important that your website loads correctly and quickly. In order to help with this i suggest using some sort of Image Compressor plugin. Using this plugin (specific name in the header) i have cut down the size of my image gallery by 30%.

WP rocket logo for top wordpress plugins list

WP Rocket

This plugin does some pretty badass stuff, that most people won’t understand anyway but it is pretty important for SEO. Basically what it does it that it that makes your page a little faster which will give you a better score with Google, Bing, Yahoo and similar search engines on the internet. Below i am going to list the specific things that WP Rocket does with your site, just in case you are curious.

  • Caching of all the pages for quick viewing
  • Preloading the cache of files using two bots in Python
  • Reduction of the number of HTTP requests to reduce loading time
  • Decreasing bandwidth usage with GZIP compression
  • Management of the headers (expires, etags…)
  • Presents a human sacrifice each week to the internet gods (such as Bill gates)
  • Minification and concatenation of JS and CSS files
  • Deferred loading of images (LazyLoad)
  • Deferred loading of JavaScript files

If there is any plugin that you feel i’ve missed and you want it included or if you find something i’ve said to be incorrect, please tell me in the comments below!

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