Top 5+ subreddits to earn money from

If your main gig isn’t making you enough money, there’s always the option to work a little extra for someone else. Reddit is a great social media (forum) of sorts, but also a great hub for finding extra work. Most of it requires no certain skills, but if you happen to be a hobby programmer or writer you should be able to find much more.

This article is aimed towards anyone who wants to increase their consumption, maybe save up a little faster, or maybe even pay off a few extra dollars towards their mortgage or student loans.


In order to save you some time, I’ve made a list of quite a few subreddits where you can easily find work or just some good tips on how to earn a fast buck.

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This is a fairly new subreddit that has been growing extremely fast. If you’re a novice / intermediate programmer this can be a great place for you to spend maybe one to two hours a day in order earn a little extra cash aswell as gaining the experience of working as a contractor. The subreddit also offers a reputation system which means the more tasks you complete, the more well known you will become and the more work you will be offered. As the subreddit grows you might even be able to turn this into a decent part-time income

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This subreddit is pretty old school in terms of making money online, and has been around for a couple of years. The methods they use are sadly not as good as they used to be, but some rather motivated individuals manage to earn a few extra thousand from it every year.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to earn much money at all if you only do one thing and that is why it’s recommended to just do it all, which can at time be tiresome.


The WorkOnline subreddit is more focused to finding sites where you can perform actual tasks as opposed to BeerMoney where you will usually find people doing surveys and automating mobile apps. They often advertise a lot of companies willing to hire people part time online. Great if you’re looking for a second job but don’t want to waste your freetime travelling to and from work.


Much like ProgrammingTasks, but more of a general subreddit. Here you will find people who wishes to outsource work for their websites, but don’t have the budget to hire people on Fiverr (where the minimum for a task is $5). Tasks here can range between anything from $1 to $50, and in some cases you’ll have to bid and make offers for how much you’re willing to do it for. Great for people with a wide range of skillsets as tasks will be anything from data entry, programming, web development and writing.

fake bitcoin coin


This is kind of like /r/WorkOnline mentioned above, but MUCH more interesting. I’m sure some of you have heard of the cryptoboom currently taking place. This is a great way to get in on the fun if you currently do not have the money to spare to just invest and “hodl” bitcoin. If you are interested in turning your time into a long-term investment, this sub is the most interesting for you out of all on this list. If you’re looking for bitcoin, look no further.

The jobs on /r/Jobs4Bitcoins is the typical stuff. Logo design, programming, translating, writing and pretty much anything. If you have any sort of skill, chances are high you will find a place to utilize it here.

This subreddit has been growing like crazy lately, so new offers are uploaded every single day.


This sub is something you want to move up to once you’ve gained a little bit of reputation (or if you are already a skilled professional).

This is where people on reddit go to find the real skill, instead of people trying to scrap for pennies. The rules are even against anything below $10/hr. Highly recommended if you have a decent portfolio and if you’re confident in what you do.

If you have any suggestions for more subreddits that should be on this list, please leave a comment down below!

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