Making money online with a blog

Making money online can sometimes be a hard task. That is why people like me are here to help you. Below i am going talk about passive income and where money comes from on the internet, this is vital information if you want to learn how to make money online.

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I will use a few examples, but other than that i won’t go into super specific methods. More specific methods of making money online will come in future posts

Passive income, what is it?

What is passive income? Passive income is exactly what it says, income you will recieve from doing absolutely nothing i.e while being passive.

Creating a passive income stream is no easy feat, because nothing is truly passive. If making money was that easy, we would all be rich, and that would create a news standard making us all average again. Creating a consistent passive income stream can take hundreds to thousands of hours before you can let it run on its own.

If you’re not selling your own craft, the main source of money online is advertisements. Advertisement or “ads” come in many different shape and forms. It could simply be a banner on your website, linking to a specific product or service, it could be affiliate advertising where you sell someone else’s product more directly or it could be a sponsorship where you get paid to talk about a certain product.  

The key component to making money through ads are traffic, lots and lots of traffic.

In order to properly explain this, let’s use an example:

You just created a blog, you intend to write articles about a certain niche you like. You wrote a post, but only you know your website even exists, so how are people going to see it? People aren’t going to magically pop in, so you need to make sure they’re able to find your blog. Three things are going to help you with this:


Search Engine Optimization, is the “art” of transforming your text and your website to become as appealing to search engines as possible. This tells search engines like Google what your website is about and they then use that data to decide how valuable your content is. This is important both for appearing in search results and for getting good paying ads on your websites.

Social media

Depending on what your blog is about, you might want to create social media accounts for your blog. This is important not only for traffic reason but also important in order to grow your brand. It lets you participate in valuable discussions within your niche community and builds your reputation, and it gives your readers a platform to easily find out when you have posted a new blogpost.


Twitter is the perfect social media to use in order to stay in touch with your audience when you don’t have time for creating new, high quality content. Twitter has limited their posts to 140 characters, so it is perfect for sharing picture content, short updates on the status of your blog / product, upcoming interviews and just random thoughts.


In my personal opinion, Facebook isn’t what it used to be. But for blog making, it is still the same. Make a facebook page for your blog where you share all your major and small updates on things. It’s good to remember that your following on one social media might be different from the one on another social media. That is why it is crucial to share your things anywhere you can.

You’ll also be able to find a tonne of groups of facebook no matter what niche you’re in. These places are great for sharing your posts. Just make sure to read up on their rules before posting.


Instagram is the ideal social media platform for picture content. The setback here is that you can only put links in your biography, but once you get used to it you shouldn’t have a problem there. Remember to use trending & general tags for your niche in all your new posts. Communicate with your audience, ask for shoutouts, share other’s content and offer shoutouts.

It can also be beneficial to join a group for your niche, where people help grow eachother’s social media.


Reddit probably is the best source of social media traffic you can get. This is because unlike your other social media where you are trying to get your old readers to come back as many times as possible, you are constantly aiming at a new pair of eyes.

Reddit can also provide the biggest form of traffic, but the reddit audience,  no matter what niche can be the most critical. They are not always open to self-promotion. Make sure your content is top notch and that your post post is humble, but not to the point where it is self deprecating. Make sure to read up on the rules of any subreddits you plan on promoting in and whatever you do, do not span as you can get shadowbanned*.

There are quite a lot of general subreddits for blogging. These are some great places for asking for advice, so i’ll list them below:

*A shadowban is a type of ban that makes all of your posts invisible, this is not immediately obvious to the user in question as opposed to if your account were to be permanently banned.

Word of mouth

With word of mouth, i mean two things. The first is going to bring you a good amount of initial traffic, tell your friends and family what you are doing. Slide it into the conversation with almost anyone you know and ask them for feedback. Of course it is ideal if they are already interested in the subject. Another great way to reach out to your friends about what you’re doing is to just post and talk about it on your personal Facebook page.

The second thing all depends on the quality of your content. Depending on how valuable the information you provide is, interested readers will in turn recommend it to their friends. This is your ultimate goal, as it requires no extra effort, doesn’t cost any extra money and it brings in the organic traffic that you truly want.

If you’re planning on creating your own brand, this shouldn’t be a weird thing to do. It is important to be proud of your content

 / product. If you don’t believe in it, nobody else will.

Just try it

Starting out with a blog is something i highly recommend you do. Try not to think about how to invest money in ads and all that kind of stuff, Just invest your time in it and use it to learn the basics. In order to start make money online off of your own content, you’re going to need some writing skills either way. Even if you decide to start off with some kind of affiliate store, a blog would be needed in order to pull people in anyway. If they just wanted a storefront, they would go straight to the Amazon homepage. Your job is to make people want something they didn’t know they wanted.

Not having the knowledge to make a website from scratch is nothing to be ashamed of, and probably won’t even set you back that much. In fact, 18.9% of all websites are run using the wordpress platform, and i highly recommend you do the same in order to make the process as easy as possible for you. Most hosting companies even have ready-made wordpress packages, which means you could be running your own website in minutes from now.

There’s also a ton of good wordpress plugins that lets you easily do the things your wordpress theme cannot already do.

If there’s anything you think i’ve missed, for example a good subreddit please tell me in the comments and i’ll add it if i find it appropiate.

Ad networks

It’s important to start as soon as possible, because Google doesn’t actually accept people into their Adsense program until their domain has 1. aged a few months and 2. the site has quite a bit of content on it. While you wait for for Adsense to be available for you, i suggest you try a-ads (affiliate link). A very positive thing about a-ads is that they pay you in bitcoins instead of normal FIAT currencies, and i’m sure you’ve heard how crypto is blowing up lately. This way you’ll be able to get a foot in the door without investing any of your own money!

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